What Makes Us Different

What Makes Us Different

Sustainability is no longer an option – it’s a necessity. We realize that events can have an impact on the environment through:

[1] Resources consumed directly during its occurrence. Such as electricity, water, food, etc; and
[2] Resources consumed indirectly. Such as the energy and CO2 related to transportation for the event, the waste created by the event, and broader issues such as the dishes, equipment, and paper that is used.

All these elements together make up the ecological footprint of an event. When planning events, it’s vital to keep in mind that society is becoming much more Eco-aware and individuals like to connect with brands that show their social and environmental conscience. We offer our clients the option of turning their event into a sustainable and Green one. Working with our clients, we go through the Green Checklist and identify ways we can reduce the carbon footprint whilst still meeting and delivering the client & event objectives.

Eat Sustainable Food

Conserve Energy

Use Renewable Energy

Use Public Transport, Walk/Cycle

Offset Air Travel GHGs

Be Waterwise

Reduce Waste

Go Paperless

Divert Waste

Go Bottled Water-Free

Buy Sustainable Stuff

Knowledge and Skills

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